Eros Da Artiste

The eclectic Eros Da Artiste (Sheldrake Andrews) is a unique Renaissance Man. He is a singer, songwriter, musician, digital painter, and visual artist. He resides in Baltimore, MD.


I Choose Pain is his very first literary work. He started the book twelve years ago, while going to Morgan State University. Due to his church upbringing, he hesitated to complete this book, due to fear of criticism and passionate rebuke from the church. But when circumstances were altered, he decided to finish and publish the book and let the chips fall where they may. 

This is a huge jump from the church to the literary chair, but he believes that sometimes you have to be brave and stand up for those who cannot fight for themselves. He believes that there are people (gay or straight) who deal with depression, sexual abuse, child abuse, guilt issues, and suicidal thoughts. He hopes that this book, if people can look past the sensuality included, will help someone to understand that they are not alone and it really does get better.